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They say politics is game, but to us, it is LEADERSHIP.
They say politics is only for those with material wealth, but we have much more than that.
POLITICS is a Government of the people, for the people chosen by the people.
We are a leadership aiming to serve the people, and that is why we ask the people to support us in our cause to serve them.
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Answering the Call

In the lives of each one of us, there will always come a time that will require us to make a decision that is hard, difficult and uncomfortable.
But then, the ability to make these decisions at the time they should be made that translates to growth.


I have been a regular writer for almost two decades, and this is one of my works from 2012.
It was written on the 21st of June 2012, exactly ten years ago for the Agenda Column, my weekly contribution to Blueprint Newspaper. It is one of the articles I lost long ago, but Facebook pleasantly unearthed it for me.

Nigerian Banks & service delivery or lack of it.

The Nigerian banking industry is said to be worth a whopping $68 as at December 2020. That means, it is worth more now. However, it remains one of the most ineffective capitalist establishments in the world. For years, lots of Nigerian banks are known for fleecing innocent customers through incessant and unnecessary account charges that have no basis. N10 here, N20 there and N50 there. The charges just keep coming indiscriminately.