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They say politics is game, but to us, it is LEADERSHIP.
They say politics is only for those with material wealth, but we have much more than that.
POLITICS is a Government of the people, for the people chosen by the people.
We are a leadership aiming to serve the people, and that is why we ask the people to support us in our cause to serve them.
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Take Difficult Decisions, OR stay stuck.

A chat I had with a former employee spurned this piece. She is on a cross road that demands her to make certain difficult decisions. And because they are difficult and hard decisions, she has remained stuck in the same place for months.
I believe we need to develop the ability to make decisions no matter how hard they are, because it is a life skill. Our ability to take such decisions as and at when due, is what determines the quality of our lives. I am sharing a part of my story in making the decisions that shaped my life, in order that it may inspire someone to take that difficult decision.