Answering the Call

In the lives of each one of us, there will always come a time that will require us to make a decision that is hard, difficult and uncomfortable.
But then, the ability to make these decisions at the time they should be made that translates to growth.

#Belong @BU

Four years ago, I went to the United Kingdom for my postgraduate degree. I went in search of intellectual advancements that will facilitate a career change for me, but I ended up getting more. The journey at BU was not all rosy nor comfortable. But it was exciting and rewarding in so many ways. IContinue reading “#Belong @BU”

Cooking is an ART and ACT

I always argue that I am a terrible cook; lols Not really, I just don’t like cooking. It is not my favorite thing to do. Given the choice, I would rather someone else do the cooking, while I do the eating haha. I lived the first half of last year on buying cooked food andContinue reading “Cooking is an ART and ACT”

Self Discovery @ 46

Dear Friends, long time no see. I apologies for being absent for a while, but I am sure you know how life gets in the way of a lot of things sometimes. I wish to share with you memories of my 46th birthday. In truth, I am still nostalgic about my 46th birthday which wasContinue reading “Self Discovery @ 46”

When does your life truly begin?

This is a rant. It is common knowledge that every society is discriminatory to its women folks; some worse than the others. Every aspect of women’s lives, biology and identity is dictated by someone else, has been twisted and used against us in different ways, especially in some parts of the world. In my society,Continue reading “When does your life truly begin?”

The Circle of Violence

The escalated rate of violence in Nigeria is very worrisome.
Nigeria has staggered under the onslaught of Boko Haram since early 2000, and it only seem to get worse.
Today, there is continued banditry, kidnappings, robbery, child abuse, gender abuse, domestic violence occurrences all of which are threatening to swallow the already mentally exhausted and traumatized people.

Living In Limbo

I met a young woman at the Bank who took be back 22 years ago.
She was carrying a little girl of less than 5 months, and she is a widow.
This meeting, triggered a memory of my widowhood, and how the society continues to unconsciously create poor and vulnerable widows and orphans.