Impact of World Pulse

 I was honored to be 1 out of 3 chosen to speak at the www.worldpulse impact showcase last week. I spoke along side Pallabi Gosh of India and kameela Geethi of Afghanistan; sharing our stories, experiences and our WHY (the reason for doing what we do). I spoke about my political journey, how it has been so far and why I even started this journey in the first place. I spoke about the excitements, challenges, the prospects and the potential for victory at the polls.

This is one of the greatest things I love about World Pulse; the most impact driven online women community in the world. The space and opportunity to use your voice, share your story, speak your truth and the support and encouragement to own it without shame, without judgement, without prejudice nor stereotype.
If you are like me, someone who was raised with the culture of shame and silence, taught to bottled up emotions, lived with lack of confidence and self esteem; then you need to get on Worldpulse because that is the place where you will get all the help, support and encouragement you need to get out of that mental space and grow into the best version of yourself.
I encourage every woman around the world to sign up and log unto Worldpulse and be a part of this amazing, supportive and encouraging community of global women lifting each other up and supporting in advancing the SDGs.

On a personal note. I do not think only a ‘Thank you’ is enough for what WorldPulse has impacted my life, because that is where I found just how powerful my voice is.
Regardless, I will still say Thank you WorldPulse for being not just a leader but a mentor building women up to bridge the gap in gender inequality, women empowerment, raising women voices, giving voice to the voiceless and being a platform for impacting humanity. We shall continue to bear this touch. And pass it on.

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