Support The Cause: Donate NOW

When we take bold steps to challenge the forces of oppression, repression, and impoverishment, it doesn’t mean we have the world in our pockets.
It only means we have the courage to say enough is enough.

Because when we watch the plundering of the helpless with indifference, or in our little corners, only moan to irresponsive walls, we aren’t different from those who mete out injustice to those they swore to protect.

We may not all contest, but we can protest, maybe, not by carrying placards and standing on the streets, but by putting our money where our mouths and consciences are.

Hawwah Abdulahi Gambo has taken the bull by the horn; to contest and protest and fight for the ordinary people of Chikun/Kajuru local Federal Constituency of Kaduna state Nigeria.

She stood up against all odds, not because she’s got the financial capacity to achieve it, but because she cares for her people.
She needs our financial support to defeat evil and enthrone good.

Let us support her.
Let’s donate to support this cause.
Together, we can change the narrative.
If we put our money where our mouths and consciences are!
Support the cause. Donate today

Kindly donate through…

Support the cause: donate NOW

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