Preparing for menopause.

Women’s health is a very important matter. Yet most of it remains largely unknown even to the women themselves because it hardly gets talked about.

It is actually worse for women in developing countries where conservatism and cultural silence reigns supreme, because they are never taught a anything about themselves, they find out with time, through personal experience and loads of guess work.

However, health education is a right that everyone should have, because without sound health, nothing else really matters.

Women’s bodies are complex in nature and characteristics, hence women’s health is unique and peculiar to only women alone.  There are loads of health related experiences, situations, realities and challenges that only women experience, like menstruation, childbirth and menopause.    

Some few months ago, I met a very lovely woman who wrote a book about a condition called ‘pre-menopause’.

I was baffled the first time I heard the word, because not in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that some of the health complications I experience could very much be signs of pre-menopause.

Just like me, I am certain not many women are aware that there is a stage before menopause, which is equally as important as menopause is.

I am sure you will find these information about pre-menopuase just as useful as I did.


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