Cooking is an ART and ACT

I always argue that I am a terrible cook; lols

Not really, I just don’t like cooking. It is not my favorite thing to do.

Given the choice, I would rather someone else do the cooking, while I do the eating haha.

I lived the first half of last year on buying cooked food and consuming healthy snacks. Yet, my gut still almost killed me, and I had to retrace my steps back to cooking my own healthy meals to heal the infected gut. (sighs)

That was when it occurred to me that no one is really a bad cook. Everyone can cook, unless they don;t want to, and the meals would be unique and different in its tastes even if cooked with the same ingredient. I used to love cooking, until some certain unpleasant things happened in my life which made me abhor it.
It made me realize that cooking is indeed an act of love. When someone is in love, they make great meals. When they are at peace, they cook great, but when they are in trauma, they cook bad meals.

We, now I am making a come back. Maybe I will even be making cooking videos sometime soon, Who knows.

So tell me my friend, do you love cooking?

Share with us in the comment section.

Will love to hear about your cooking abilities and experinces.


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