Self Discovery @ 46

Dear Friends, long time no see.

I apologies for being absent for a while, but I am sure you know how life gets in the way of a lot of things sometimes.

I wish to share with you memories of my 46th birthday.

In truth, I am still nostalgic about my 46th birthday which was two months ago. At a certain point in life, there seem to be very little or no excitement.

Not that my life has had much excitment anyway, lols.

So I deliberately and intentional resolved to make my 46th birthday memorable.

Now I remember it with so much nostalgia because I went all out to make it memorable.

Living for 46 years, is not a small feat for anyone, much less someone that walked the path I did.

Two years ago, I decided to be deliberate and intentional about being thankful for every birthday, because it is worth being thankful for.

I have outlived countless people both those I know and those I know not. I survived a lot of things that many didn’t, things I never though I could. I AM THANKFUL.

Regardless of the challenges and live’s difficulties, I am very thankful to be here. To be here for my kids, loved ones, and those I inspire even without knowing it.

I have learnt the act of gratitude and appreciation even in the face of adversity. This, and many more made me went all out to celebrate myself on my 46th birthday.

And today, 2 months down the line, I look back on this eventful week and I smile.

I smile at the adventure I had pushing myself out of my comfort zone, to doll-up and have me a ‘make-up and photo shoot day.

In the process, re-enforced something I already knew about myself.

I looked different, and BEAUTIFUL. But………………..


I prefer my face without the weight of foundation, concealers and eye lashes.

I am sharing the story of my birthday week, and adventure with you all my friends.

Hoping it will make you smile, just as it does to me; every time I remember.

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