9 years later………….

This article was written in 2013.

Somehow, the narrative is not about to change.

Because not only are girls getting more materialistic by the day, they are giving themselves the material things they desire.

Kindly read through and share with us your thoughts about this topic.

In your opinion, has anything changed?

In Defense of Material Girls

In trying to do an analysis of why Girls are materialistic, I had to put together a lot of observations from personal and observer experiences which ultimately led me to the following conclusions.

Material girls are a creation of the society. Girls are not naturally born materialistic, the society made them so.

A Girl is naturally expected to be materialistic. When a decent Girl wants to marry an upcoming promising young man, who has no car and landed property to his name, it is the same society that  will chastise and ridicule her because she is marrying a ‘poor young man’ especially if a money bag is in the list of suitors. It is simply unthinkable. Everyone will ridicule and malign her decision, friends and family alike. Everyone expects her to marry the money bag, not because of anything but simply because he is rich.

You would hear statements like ‘me zaki yi da wannan yaron da bashi da komi’? or ‘me zaki yi da wannan matsiyacin’? or ‘wane irin kashin tsiya ne zai sa ki auri matsiyaci bayan ga masu hannu da shuni’? etc.

Any man with more money than sense usually thinks that his money will get him any Girl he wants. Thus, if he cannot buy her with gifts and money, he buys the parents and relatives.

A lot of men marry as many times as they wish just because they have money. When a man sees a Girl he wants and she is not the type he can get just like that, he spares no expense to marry her. And once his desire is spent, he sends her packing. A good example are the ‘Alhazawan kano’.

On the other hand, a young promising penniless man whom a delectable young lady stuck to through thick and thin, weathered all storms with and stood by him against all odds is likely to   appreciate her in the kindest way ever.

A typical example is that of a young Girl who marries a young man who had no job after she had finished her secondary school education.  She lived with him through thick and thin, even though life was tough and rough, she stood by him. Every day, he tells her that when he eventually secures a good job, he will send her back to school and get them a house of their own (as they were living in the family house).

When he eventually did get a job, the first thing he did was to marry another wife. I know a lot of people will ask ‘what is wrong with a man taking a second wife; and a Muslim man at that?’

Nothing at all, except that he did not fulfill any of the promises made. He did not send her back to school and he did not get them a house of their own, they were still living in the family house.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking as many as the 4 wives ordained to him by the almighty God, but for God’s sake, he should have the decency to acknowledge and appreciate the woman who stood by him when the whole world turned against him. He should have the courage and dignity to love and appreciate her more, as well as make sure she gets the respect she deserves from him and his wives.

Such scenarios are very common. A woman will give all her all and toil with a man, only for him to reap the harvest of her labor with another. Men spend lavishly on girlfriends, without giving half of that to their spouses.

And now that Girls are materialistic, the whole society has gone viral lamenting and condemning.

In truth, material Girls are a product of the society.  They just succumbed to the dictates of the society and became what the society wants them to be. They did not try to resist or fight back. On the other hand, those that resisted these societal influences will be called unprintable names, be labeled poor and may ultimately be denied the fruits of their labor by the same men they sacrificed so much for.

 There are quite a number of factors that makes Girls materialistic, and we cannot exhaust all of them in this little space.

It is undoubtedly cowardly to be the source of a problem and yet go on lamenting about it rather than finding a solution to it.

I think rather than continue to lament about Girls of nowadays being material and all; it is about time the society and its men check themselves and correct their behaviors and values appropriately because they are the ones who made Girls materialistic.

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Multimedia Journalist. Feminist Social Enterprenuer Anti PA Campaigner Publisher: www.sheroes.ng

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