Hello World!

Welcome to Honest Discussions with Jiddare.

My name is Hawwah otherwise known as Jiddare.

I am a multimedia Journalist, feminist and social enterprenuer.

Aside from my paid job as a radio journalist, I do a number of things including gender advocacy, media and event consulting. I write a weekly column with http://www.blueprint.ng, and vlogger @ https://www.youtube.com/c/HonestDiscussionswithJiddare001 and a lot of voluntary community work.

I am also the publisher of the online gender advocacy publication http://www.sheroes.ng

Jiddare.com is an upgrade of my blog from http://www.dladyofmysteries.blogspot.com.

This is with the intent of building it turning it my private and personal journal.

Where I document my wins, losses, life journey, challenges and opinions.

Welcome to the Discussion.

Published by jiddare

Multimedia Journalist. Feminist Social Enterprenuer Anti PA Campaigner Publisher: www.sheroes.ng

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