• #BreakTheBias- IWD2022

    #BreakTheBias- IWD2022

    March is women’s month. It is the month in which a day was picked and dedicated to focusing, discussion, conversing and talking about gender equality, its impact in society and how it can be achieved. What do you know about the International Women’s Day celebration that is observed globally? How did it come to being? Why was it considered important enough to be mandated by the UN?

    Follow me as we talk a walk down memory lane.

    March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the world. It is a day specifically set aside to celebrate the achievements, challenges, and struggles of women and an opportunity to reflect on, and further the push towards gender parity.

    On 8th March 1908, 15,000 women marched in New York city to demand for shorter work hours, better pay and women’s right to vote. The socialist party of America marked the anniversary of the march and declared it the first international women’s day a year later.

    In 1910 Clara Zetkin addressed the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen suggesting that the event be made international. All 100 women in attendance unanimously supported the idea.

    The first globally recognized International Women’s Day was celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States in 1911.

    It remained a stand-alone event until 1975, when the United Nations began marking the day and organizing celebrations.

    And in 1996 the UN began issuing a theme for each year’s celebration, the first of which was “Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future”.And subsequently each year’s celebration had a theme. For example, the theme for IWD 2018 was ‘I am Generation Equality’. 2019 was Think equal, build smart & innovate for change”. 2020 was “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. 2021 was chose to challenge and 2022 ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” #Break the Bias’


    Bias is the inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair’ Bias, whether deliberate or unconscious, makes it difficult for women to move ahead much less make progress.

    However, being aware that this bias exists isn’t enough to mitigate it, action is needed to level the playing field. And that is why this year’s IWD focus is advocating for actively calling out gender bias, discrimination and stereotype each time you see or experience it.

    And this, is a collective responsibility.

    What are you doing to #breakthebias that women have suffered for centuries?

    What are you doing differently?

  • Hello World!

    Welcome to Honest Discussions with Jiddare.

    My name is Hawwah otherwise known as Jiddare.

    I am a multimedia Journalist, feminist and social enterprenuer.

    Aside from my paid job as a radio journalist, I do a number of things including gender advocacy, media and event consulting. I write a weekly column with http://www.blueprint.ng, and vlogger @ https://www.youtube.com/c/HonestDiscussionswithJiddare001 and a lot of voluntary community work.

    I am also the publisher of the online gender advocacy publication http://www.sheroes.ng

    Jiddare.com is an upgrade of my blog from http://www.dladyofmysteries.blogspot.com.

    This is with the intent of building it turning it my private and personal journal.

    Where I document my wins, losses, life journey, challenges and opinions.

    Welcome to the Discussion.

  • Impact of World Pulse

    Impact of World Pulse

     I was honored to be 1 out of 3 chosen to speak at the www.worldpulse impact showcase last week. I spoke along side Pallabi Gosh of India and kameela Geethi of Afghanistan; sharing our stories, experiences and our WHY (the reason for doing what we do). I spoke about my political journey, how it has been so far and why I even started this journey in the first place. I spoke about the excitements, challenges, the prospects and the potential for victory at the polls.

    This is one of the greatest things I love about World Pulse; the most impact driven online women community in the world. The space and opportunity to use your voice, share your story, speak your truth and the support and encouragement to own it without shame, without judgement, without prejudice nor stereotype.
    If you are like me, someone who was raised with the culture of shame and silence, taught to bottled up emotions, lived with lack of confidence and self esteem; then you need to get on Worldpulse because that is the place where you will get all the help, support and encouragement you need to get out of that mental space and grow into the best version of yourself.
    I encourage every woman around the world to sign up and log unto Worldpulse and be a part of this amazing, supportive and encouraging community of global women lifting each other up and supporting in advancing the SDGs.

    On a personal note. I do not think only a ‘Thank you’ is enough for what WorldPulse has impacted my life, because that is where I found just how powerful my voice is.
    Regardless, I will still say Thank you WorldPulse for being not just a leader but a mentor building women up to bridge the gap in gender inequality, women empowerment, raising women voices, giving voice to the voiceless and being a platform for impacting humanity. We shall continue to bear this touch. And pass it on.

  • Support The Cause: Donate NOW

    Support The Cause: Donate NOW

    When we take bold steps to challenge the forces of oppression, repression, and impoverishment, it doesn’t mean we have the world in our pockets.
    It only means we have the courage to say enough is enough.

    Because when we watch the plundering of the helpless with indifference, or in our little corners, only moan to irresponsive walls, we aren’t different from those who mete out injustice to those they swore to protect.

    We may not all contest, but we can protest, maybe, not by carrying placards and standing on the streets, but by putting our money where our mouths and consciences are.

    Hawwah Abdulahi Gambo has taken the bull by the horn; to contest and protest and fight for the ordinary people of Chikun/Kajuru local Federal Constituency of Kaduna state Nigeria.

    She stood up against all odds, not because she’s got the financial capacity to achieve it, but because she cares for her people.
    She needs our financial support to defeat evil and enthrone good.

    Let us support her.
    Let’s donate to support this cause.
    Together, we can change the narrative.
    If we put our money where our mouths and consciences are!
    Support the cause. Donate today

    Kindly donate through…

    Support the cause: donate NOW

  • Answering the Call

    Answering the Call

    Some few months ago, I wrote about the need and importance of taking difficult decisions.

    In the lives of each one of us, there will always come a time that will require us to make a decision that is hard, difficult and uncomfortable.

    But then, the ability to make these decisions at the time they should be made that translates to growth.

    I have had reasons to make such difficult and uncomfortable decisions recently.

    I accepted the nomination to run for political office in my country’s 2023 forthcoming general elections under the platform of the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

    Verily, the only constant thing in life is change.

    The only constant thing in life is change.Not happiness, joy nor misery. Not wealth, nor poverty. Not insecurity, crisis, chaos or wars. They all change with the passage of time.

    The only thing that does not change, is life, and death. Hence we must we must learn to live, build a life and thrive before we get to the end of the road.

    I answered the call, and on the 27th May 2022, I got screened to contest for a seat in the Nigerian House of Representatives to represent Chikun/Kajuru federal Constituency under the ADC.

    I answered this call, because I am a Nigerian, a mother, a proud daughter of the soil and an
    enthusiastic advocate for women and children.

    I answered this call because I feel the time has come for a new narrative in our polity. A new narrative that will revive the hopes we lost, inspire confidence and courage to to , build, rebuild and build again for all of us as Nigerians, especially the people of Kajuru/Chikun federal constituency of Kaduna state.

    The last two decades has been hard, catastrophic and debilitating for us as a people, hence the the journey ahead deserves another kind of leadership: a transformational leadership
    that inspires hope and aligns with the aspirations and yearnings of the

    As a woman, and an someone with no money to throw around, I have been told that this journey is an impossible one. But I know the word IMPOSSIBLE can be written and read in different ways. Therefore, I chose to read and write it as I’M POSSIBLE.

    My people have suffered enough, I believe I do not need money to stop the pain and suffering. What I need, is their support in proving that anybody can be anything they want to be if
    they dared to dream. I believe in dreams because our dreams are valid.

    And yours my lovely friends. This simple step, marks the beginning of this journey of thousands of miles. It is my hope that, you- my friends will walk this journey with me.



    Life is quite interesting and happens in surprising and unexpected ways.

    I have been a regular writer for almost two decades now, and this is one of my works from 2012.

    It was written on the 21st of June, exactly ten years ago for the Agenda Column, my weekly contribution to Blueprint Newspaper. It is one of the articles I lost long ago, but Facebook pleasantly unearthed it for me.

    In it, I talked about our lack of social responsibility as a people, and argued that it is only by doing our bits for our societies and country that they can be better.

    Here we are, today a decade after, except I have decided to take a new and bold step in my civic, social and responsibility, advocacy and awareness.

    I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I did writing it then.


    Long ago when the whole world was a peaceful place, when all God’s creatures Man and beast lived as one, there was a little bird. The bird is so little that when other birds are flying, no one will notice him.

    One day, rain clouds gathered in the sky and thunder was rumbling as it was about to rain.

    Frightened, the little bird lied down on the ground on its back with its legs up.

    Surprised, people asked the bird what it was doing, and he replied, ‘can’t you see the sky is about to fall’. I am trying to hold it.

    They all laughed at the little bird saying ‘do you think you can hold the sky with your little feet? And the little bird replied ‘of course not. This is just my bit I am doing. If each one of you will do his own bit, we can surely keep the sky from falling’.

    Moral of the story is the fact that if each Nigerian should do his part in the quest to salvage this nation, it will not be long before we achieve that.

    The bane of our problems as a nation remains the fact that we as a people have no collective social responsibility.

    With each passing day, it is becoming clearer that we have lost all our sense of nationalism, Patriotism and social cohesion.

    A popular adage in Hausa language said ‘in bera da sata, daddawa ma tana da wari’ or ‘ganga bata amo ita kadai’ (meaning every situation involves two parties).

    Much as we know and acknowledge the fact that Nigeria is saddled with the most self-centered and irresponsible leadership in recent years, the fact we cannot continue to neglect is that the followership are as guilty as the leadership.

    I mean, let us be realistic. There are 160 million Nigerians, and out of this number, the entire leadership of the nation are just about a million. Is it not simply ridiculous that 159 million people will be watching idly while only a million are busy pushing their lives down the drain?

    Our lack of social responsibility, cohesion, nationalism and patriotism are directly responsible for the way our leaders are leading us. If we; the Nigerian people were a responsible, focused, reasonable and informed lot, there is no way the few people amongst us who were vested with the power of responsibility to serve the country and its people will be ruining our lives while we remain nonchalant.

    Nigeria is the only country we have got, and yet, we do practically nothing to help build and develop it. Have you ever done anything for your country? If you haven’t, it is about time you start asking yourself ‘what can I do to make Nigeria a better place’. Because certainly, in a country bedeviled with so many ills and vices, there must be something you can really do without putting any strain on yourself that will make a difference.

    Some few days ago, a Friend of mine told me that he decided to venture into publishing his works after convincing himself that it remains the only way, he can affect change in the society.

    Now you, how can you bring your own change? As we were always being told as children way back in school, do your best and leave the rest to God. But right now, the truth is that we are not even making any attempt.

    Even before seeing what an enticing society the western world is, I have always been of the conviction that leaving Nigeria for greener pastures is not and will never be the solution to our problems. Running off to other countries when we have problems of our own to seek solutions to is sheer cowardice.

    The western countries did not just lie idle and waited for their Government to develop their countries for them; they took their destinies into their own hands and developed their communities through community development projects engagements. The Government took over from where they left off.

    Why can we also not achieve such feats? Why can’t we as a community and as a society be responsible for our own selves?

    I dare say the reason we have such irresponsible leaders is simply the fact that we ourselves are irresponsible. Should we take up responsibility now, our leaders will have no alternative but to sit up and be responsible themselves or get out.

    We Nigerians are the ones who can save this sinking ship called Nigeria. Lying down and expecting some white men from the west to come and solve our problems for us is as good as deliberately refusing to do nothing.

    Our Children, God, and posterity will judge us as guilty as the Nigerian leaders who do not constitute even point one percent of the Nigerian population.

    As my Friend Emekoji Ayikoye rightly said:

    ‘When a drunk driver is driving a passenger car into a ditch, it is callous and ungodly for bystanders to keep quiet and watch while the driver crashes the car into the ditch ahead.

    In the same sense, Nigerians should not just stand by and watch this ‘Nigerian car’ crashed by the confused driver’. After all, doing nothing and saying nothing is an direct support and encouragement for the ongoing crisis.

  • #Belong @BU

    #Belong @BU

    Four years ago, I went to the United Kingdom for my postgraduate degree.

    I went in search of intellectual advancements that will facilitate a career change for me, but I ended up getting more. The journey at BU was not all rosy nor comfortable. But it was exciting and rewarding in so many ways.

    I recently filled a alumni survey of my alma-matta Bournemouth University.

    Filling that survey took me back memory lane, brought back bitter sweet memories of my school, and the beautiful Bournemouth community.

    I think I need to get Serious about completing the memoir of my two years sojourn in the Queen’s country.

    But before then, I wish to share with you all my friends the result of that survey.




  • Cooking is an ART and ACT

    Cooking is an ART and ACT

    I always argue that I am a terrible cook; lols

    Not really, I just don’t like cooking. It is not my favorite thing to do.

    Given the choice, I would rather someone else do the cooking, while I do the eating haha.

    I lived the first half of last year on buying cooked food and consuming healthy snacks. Yet, my gut still almost killed me, and I had to retrace my steps back to cooking my own healthy meals to heal the infected gut. (sighs)

    That was when it occurred to me that no one is really a bad cook. Everyone can cook, unless they don;t want to, and the meals would be unique and different in its tastes even if cooked with the same ingredient. I used to love cooking, until some certain unpleasant things happened in my life which made me abhor it.
    It made me realize that cooking is indeed an act of love. When someone is in love, they make great meals. When they are at peace, they cook great, but when they are in trauma, they cook bad meals.

    We, now I am making a come back. Maybe I will even be making cooking videos sometime soon, Who knows.

    So tell me my friend, do you love cooking?

    Share with us in the comment section.

    Will love to hear about your cooking abilities and experinces.


  • Preparing for retirement

    Preparing for retirement

    One of the things we hardly think much less talk about is the future. And this is due to so many reasons. Religious reasons, spiritual reasons or personal reasons.

    It is often said that ‘live for today, for tomorrow is not assured’. But how adequate is that?

    There is a saying, ‘early to bed, early to rise. And he who fails to plan, automatically plans to fail’. Not many of us understand the need for and importance of planning for retirement or when to start preparing for it. Hence most people work the number of work years without plans for what they will do after retirement much less knowledge about what comes after.

    Retirement is that time of life when one permanently leaves the work force behind, which is usually after the age of 65 years. Lack of adequate preparation for retirement often leaves people vulnerable and prone to hardships leading to life and health complications.

    In case you may ask, what has this got to do with women? Well, two reasons.

    Mary Helen Nnadi is a John Maxwell certified life coach and trainer specializing in pre-retirement training emotional intelligence training. She is a veteran banker and human resource consultant with over 20 years of expertise in human development.  

    During our chat with Mary Helen Nnadi, she also talked about other important issues that concerns women especially what they need to do to achieve gender equality.

    What about you my friend?

    Have you began preparing for your retirement already?

    Are your retirement plans and savings under way?

    What do you think Nigerian women need to do achieve gender equality?

    Share your comments with us in the comments section.

    Will love to hear from you.

  • Preparing for menopause.

    Preparing for menopause.

    Women’s health is a very important matter. Yet most of it remains largely unknown even to the women themselves because it hardly gets talked about.

    It is actually worse for women in developing countries where conservatism and cultural silence reigns supreme, because they are never taught a anything about themselves, they find out with time, through personal experience and loads of guess work.

    However, health education is a right that everyone should have, because without sound health, nothing else really matters.

    Women’s bodies are complex in nature and characteristics, hence women’s health is unique and peculiar to only women alone.  There are loads of health related experiences, situations, realities and challenges that only women experience, like menstruation, childbirth and menopause.    

    Some few months ago, I met a very lovely woman who wrote a book about a condition called ‘pre-menopause’.

    I was baffled the first time I heard the word, because not in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that some of the health complications I experience could very much be signs of pre-menopause.

    Just like me, I am certain not many women are aware that there is a stage before menopause, which is equally as important as menopause is.

    I am sure you will find these information about pre-menopuase just as useful as I did.




    The internet has made available opportunities and resources for self development.

    I hope this helps someone achieve their dreams.


    The Oxford Forum Global Youth Challenge 2022 is open for applications. The Oxford Forum for International Development aims to stimulate dialogue around international development and challenge participants to come up with solutions in the area of human rights education in collaboration with UNESCO, and the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

    Participants of International Development Global Youth Challenge 2022 are encouraged to develop suggestions to help support or strengthen the World Program for Human Rights Education’s implementation. The task is to figure out how to impel and improve human rights education for youth and young people. Youth human rights education is part of the UN’s increased focus on young people’s contributions to the fulfillment of human rights.

    Apply here………….OxFID Global Youth Challenge 2022 – Opportunities Circle


    Applications are open for the UAE University Scholarship for international students for the academic year 2022-2023. International students interested in pursuing higher education in the United Arab Emirates can apply for fully funded scholarships for undergraduate programs. United Arab Emirates University welcomes international students from all over the world and grants full and partial scholarships covering full tuition fees and a 50% tuition fee waiver.

    Those who have managed to secure excellent grades in their high school can avail this opportunity of getting their full tuition fee covered. Apply to experience studying at the first national university of UAE.

    Apply here…………. UAE University Scholarship for International Students 2022 – Opportunities Circle


    ASEAN Foundation Online Internship Program is an excellent approach to earn experience while sitting at home. Internships in communication will be provided to the selected candidates. The Online internship program can run anything from eight to 24 weeks. The ASEAN Foundation’s communication team, led by the communications manager, is looking for young candidates to join the internship program.

    The ASEAN Foundation online internship duration is from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. Selected students will work with the organization as communication interns. They must be well-versed in communication techniques. Interns should be familiar with how the younger generation communicates.

    We will need an intern who is conversant with the perspectives of ASEAN’s young generation and speaks their language, as they are the ASEAN Foundation’s primary target audience. The ASEAN Foundation’s efforts must have a high level of exposure, and its results must be communicated to a broader audience. Hence an efficient communications strategy is essential.

    Apply here………… ASEAN Foundation Online Internship 2022 – Opportunities Circle.


    Apply for British Council Free Online Courses today! Candidates looking for online courses now have a chance to enroll themselves in courses provided by the world-class British Council. The courses are offered to all international students from any part of the world.

    Aspiring students who are thriving to broaden their skillset and learn more techniques, free at cost, can now be available. British Council itself urges students to register in this program as the students will get a chance to learn from the top universities in the United Kingdom. The best part of this program is that there is a wide range of courses available, and students can pick up courses and study them while staying at home.

    All the courses are in the English Language, and over 100 million people take advantage of these courses while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Not a single penny is charged, and there is no age restriction for short courses. However, for bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree fee is charged.

    Apply here…………Online courses from British Council (futurelearn.com)


    Applications will soon open for the Schwarzman Scholars Program 2023 in China.

    For a decade, China is known for technology, innovation and education. For the country to become the greatest nation, education is the primary key, and that’s why China is one of the greatest countries in inventions and research. If you also desire to join the league of successful people, apply for the Schwarzman Scholars program.

    Schwarzman Scholars program is a one-year fully-funded postgraduate opportunity for students who wish to promote cultural exchange among their countries. The scholarships in China are open for all Chinese and International students; candidates from all countries are eligible.

    The Schwarzman Scholars Program is a fully-funded one-year master’s scholarship. All expenses related to the program will be covered by the host, including full tuition fee, allowance for books, medical insurance coverage, travel expenses, stipend and laptop. Candidates must be between 18 to 28 years to be eligible for the scholarship. The selection of candidates will be based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, previous records and achievements. They must exhibit exemplary character and integrity, open-mindedness, entrepreneurial spirit and intercultural competency.

    Apply here……………….Application Home Page (schwarzmanscholars.org)


    The University of Otago offers 200 doctoral scholarships for international and domestic students. The university is a leading research university of New Zealand, founded in 1869 and considered one of the oldest universities providing young scholars with an opportunity to conduct research and turn their ideas into innovative research projects under the supervision of international faculty.

    The candidates will get a chance to prove themselves and contribute to international research in different fields such as law, business, health, and science.

    Achieving the scholarship will help young scholars experience a new culture, work with people of different races, share their knowledge, and contribute to providing solutions and proving themselves a chance. The duration of this scholarship is 36 months, and the duration will not be extended. There is no specific deadline, and students can apply anytime throughout the year.

    On the recommendations of the Senate, the University of Otago is providing doctoral scholarships to students who are looking forward to studying at Otago University.

    Apply here……………….University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship, Scholarships Database, University of Otago, New Zealand.


    UCL Institute of Education Scholarship” is open for 2022 intake.

    The UCL IOE scholarships are offered for international students to pursue a master’s degree program at the second-largest public university in London. These international scholarships are open for international students from low-income countries, and it aims to help students by providing them an opportunity to learn from a top university in one of the most developed countries.The UCL has partnered with the International Students House (ISH) for the cause of helping non-EU students to study in London by providing them with fully-funded scholarships in the UK. Several well-deserving and outstanding students will be selected for the scholarship that will cover their tuition fee and accommodation one academic year for the master’s program.

    The UCL currently has over 8,000 domestic and international students studying from professional staff. Here is your chance to study in the UK for free by applying for the UCL Institute of Education Scholarship. Students can also check other master’s scholarships for international students.

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    Applications are open for Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2022-2023 offered by Rotary Peace Fellowship for academic training and global networking opportunities to develop the professional capacity for peace and development. 

    The International fellowships was initiated in 2002, and 1400 fellows from over 100 countries have been trained and now serve as government leaders, working in NGOs, military, law enforcement, and leading international organizations like the UN and World Bank.

    130 scholarships will be awarded this year, which includes 50 fellowships for full-time master’s degree and the rest 80 for certificate studies at partner universities. The duration of the master’s degree program is 15-24 months that includes a two or three months field study. The professional development certificate program includes a one-year learning program for professionals who already have experience in peace and development.

    Fellows from diverse backgrounds will gain practical skills to promote peace in their communities.

    The rotary program will cover all the expenses including airfare tickets, fees and accommodation. There is no restriction based on gender or country; applicants from all around the world belonging to any country can apply for the Rotary peace fellowship program. They will get a chance to complete their training and studies at one of the partner universities in the UK, USA, Japan, Australia and Sweden.

    Apply here…………..Rotary Peace Fellowships (embark.com)


    The OPEC Fund is offering an internship program that allows students of diverse academic backgrounds to experience working with an international organization.

    Interns are assigned to different departments/units based on their interests and qualifications, and based on departmental needs. This OPEC internship offers opportunities to focus on one or more of the following: public sector operations; commercial and private sector financing operations; subsidies; Financial management; Risk management; strategic planning and economic services; internal audit; human Resources; administration; communication; juridical services; and information technology

    Apply here………..Internships – OPEC Fund for International Development


    Applications are now open for the Singapore International Graduate Award for 2023 intake. This fully-funded scholarship is offered for international students who did not get a chance to study in Singapore before. It is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue PhD abroad. SINGA scholarship will cover all the tuition fees and accommodation. You will be studying in A*STAR Research Institutes, NTU, NUS or SUTD and all the training will be carried out in English.

    The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is a collaboration between the Science, Technology and Research Agency (A * STAR), the Nanyang University of Technology (NTU), the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of Technology and Design from Singapore. (SUTD). Singapore is the gateway to some of the fastest-growing economies in the Asia Pacific region. And with SINGA, you can get your PhD. Education in Singapore, establish global links and take your research career to greater heights.

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    Waiting for an international internship opportunity? Applications are open for the KAUST VSRP Internship Program for international students for the academic 2022. The internship is offered at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for a minimum of three to a maximum of 6 months at KAUST. This research internship is offered to all international students.

    KAUST VSRP Internship program is an exciting opportunity for international students to become involved in research with mentor teachers in selected research areas. Each internship usually lasts from 3 to 6 months. Students will be exposed to cultural activities, field trips, various aspects of KAUST’s work with relevance to understanding. The international internship includes fieldwork, laboratory work, conferences and data workshops.

    KAUST VSPR internship program will cover all the expenses related to the internship including air travel and visa cost, accommodation, living allowance and health insurance will also be provided to the interns. It is an excellent opportunity for international students to gain practical experience and prepare for professional careers.

    Apply here…………..Introduction (kaust.edu.sa)


    The University of Glasgow is inviting students to apply for the International leadership Scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023 to study in the UK. 70 scholarships will be awarded to international and EU (except the UK) students. The scholarships are open to all highly motivated international students with leadership qualities. The scholarship is offered for the selective Master’s degree program offered at the University of Glasgow.

    £10,000 will be awarded to all the successful candidates for tuition fee. There is no separate application for the International Leadership Scholarship, applicants who are offered an offer letter will be considered for the international scholarship program within 6 weeks of application.

    The University of Glasgow is a public-based research university in Glasgow. It is known as the fourth oldest university in English-speaking countries and Scotland’s ancient university. Approx. 1500 international students take part in different exchange programs and scholarships. The University of Glasgow is ranked #77 in QS Global World Ranking 2021. So if you want to study abroad and get a worthy degree read this article till the end and apply for the international leadership scholarship.

    Apply here………………….University of Glasgow – Scholarships and funding – University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship


    Applications are open for the KAIST Scholarship for the academic year 2022. The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology offers scholarships for international students to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs.

    The KAIST scholarship is fully funded, covering tuition fees and a monthly stipend to support candidates’ living expenses and are provided in multiple fields, including natural science, life science, bioengineering and business.

    KAIST is a top science and technology university in South Korea and a window to advance science, technology, entrepreneurship and interest in innovation. The university encourages creativity and aims to transform knowledge into innovations. International students will have 80 to 90% of their lecturers in English for their ease and understanding.

    Apply here…………In’tl Grad. Admission | KAIST Scholarships


    Keen about writing? Send in your entries for the Peter Drucker Essay Contest 2022. The Drucker Challenge is an annual worldwide essay competition held in conjunction with the Drucker Forum by the Drucker Society, Europe.

    The Challenge delves into a current management issue, usually relevant to the Forum’s theme, and places it in the framework of Peter Drucker’s human-centered management theory. The functioning of contemporary society is dependent on the performance of its institutions. As Peter Drucker put it half a century ago, enterprises, universities, hospitals, research institutes, labor unions, government, and other civil groups execute its vital functions.

    And the success of these institutions is dependent on the success of their personnel. Peter Drucker gave a large place to entrepreneurship, individual dignity and managing oneself. Further details about the Peter Drucker essay contest are provided below, so make sure to read the article till the end.

    Eligibility criteria are:

    • Open to People all over the world.
    • If you were a student previously (as stated on your application form) and have now progressed to become a manager or entrepreneur, you must apply.
    • Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
    • Participants cannot be in the top ten more than once since 2010.
    • If you were a student previously (as stated on your application form) and are currently starting a university career, you can still apply.
    • To participate as a student, manager, or entrepreneur, applicants must submit one essay (please mention your main occupation in the submission form).
    • Participants should be part-time or full-time students (bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, or PhD) or looking for a first job after finishing the previous degree.
    • Category specified for professional participants are;
    • They can be a project, budget, and/or process manager.
    • Company’s owner or entrepreneur.
    • A certified professional.
    • Community leader or social volunteer.

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  • 9 years later………….

    This article was written in 2013.

    Somehow, the narrative is not about to change.

    Because not only are girls getting more materialistic by the day, they are giving themselves the material things they desire.

    Kindly read through and share with us your thoughts about this topic.

    In your opinion, has anything changed?

    In Defense of Material Girls

    In trying to do an analysis of why Girls are materialistic, I had to put together a lot of observations from personal and observer experiences which ultimately led me to the following conclusions.

    Material girls are a creation of the society. Girls are not naturally born materialistic, the society made them so.

    A Girl is naturally expected to be materialistic. When a decent Girl wants to marry an upcoming promising young man, who has no car and landed property to his name, it is the same society that  will chastise and ridicule her because she is marrying a ‘poor young man’ especially if a money bag is in the list of suitors. It is simply unthinkable. Everyone will ridicule and malign her decision, friends and family alike. Everyone expects her to marry the money bag, not because of anything but simply because he is rich.

    You would hear statements like ‘me zaki yi da wannan yaron da bashi da komi’? or ‘me zaki yi da wannan matsiyacin’? or ‘wane irin kashin tsiya ne zai sa ki auri matsiyaci bayan ga masu hannu da shuni’? etc.

    Any man with more money than sense usually thinks that his money will get him any Girl he wants. Thus, if he cannot buy her with gifts and money, he buys the parents and relatives.

    A lot of men marry as many times as they wish just because they have money. When a man sees a Girl he wants and she is not the type he can get just like that, he spares no expense to marry her. And once his desire is spent, he sends her packing. A good example are the ‘Alhazawan kano’.

    On the other hand, a young promising penniless man whom a delectable young lady stuck to through thick and thin, weathered all storms with and stood by him against all odds is likely to   appreciate her in the kindest way ever.

    A typical example is that of a young Girl who marries a young man who had no job after she had finished her secondary school education.  She lived with him through thick and thin, even though life was tough and rough, she stood by him. Every day, he tells her that when he eventually secures a good job, he will send her back to school and get them a house of their own (as they were living in the family house).

    When he eventually did get a job, the first thing he did was to marry another wife. I know a lot of people will ask ‘what is wrong with a man taking a second wife; and a Muslim man at that?’

    Nothing at all, except that he did not fulfill any of the promises made. He did not send her back to school and he did not get them a house of their own, they were still living in the family house.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking as many as the 4 wives ordained to him by the almighty God, but for God’s sake, he should have the decency to acknowledge and appreciate the woman who stood by him when the whole world turned against him. He should have the courage and dignity to love and appreciate her more, as well as make sure she gets the respect she deserves from him and his wives.

    Such scenarios are very common. A woman will give all her all and toil with a man, only for him to reap the harvest of her labor with another. Men spend lavishly on girlfriends, without giving half of that to their spouses.

    And now that Girls are materialistic, the whole society has gone viral lamenting and condemning.

    In truth, material Girls are a product of the society.  They just succumbed to the dictates of the society and became what the society wants them to be. They did not try to resist or fight back. On the other hand, those that resisted these societal influences will be called unprintable names, be labeled poor and may ultimately be denied the fruits of their labor by the same men they sacrificed so much for.

     There are quite a number of factors that makes Girls materialistic, and we cannot exhaust all of them in this little space.

    It is undoubtedly cowardly to be the source of a problem and yet go on lamenting about it rather than finding a solution to it.

    I think rather than continue to lament about Girls of nowadays being material and all; it is about time the society and its men check themselves and correct their behaviors and values appropriately because they are the ones who made Girls materialistic.